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Everything begins
in Mars 2006,

with the creation of the "Poetically
Correct" collective consisted
of Kanos, Reci and Xelecce who
followed the same route in the Fine
Arts School of Fine Arts. Together,
they try to intervene in the city without
any partial degradation nor
dissimulation of visual signs.
They turn then quickly towards
Cellophane, various street stuffs to create new supports of expression.

In time, the collective dissolves little
by little, each having begun
a different professional life.
Kanos decides however not to
give up this mode of expression.
In August, 2009, after long reflections
and thanks to the impulse of Astro,
they choose to reinvest the idea to
apply it to the domain of the graffiti.
And here is the birth of CelloGraff...