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Artist independent graphist

Native of the north suburb of Paris, its main concern is in the heart of the city, there where the codes upset, recover and disappear.

The street digests everything and dresses various appearances in time. Kanos’s essay and diploma were based And his report of the end of studies in the Fine Arts, on a répertoriation and a mapping of the signs in the city. Networks, notion of route and their representations meet in a lot of his works.

2008, Graduate School of Fine Arts of Cambrai DNSEP, DNAP option graphic

Artist independent decorator

The course of Astro begins 10 years ago, it is alone that he dashes into this artistic domain. In self-taught, he is going to learn all the techniques bound to the artistic paint on wall. Then year by year, Astro is going to build up to himself a reputation which will make him travel to participate in various events. We should see him in several festivals, but also in television where he will be invited to performance artist many times (NRJ12, France5), Frescoes accumulating, he creates his know-how, creates his own style, then he found new grounds of expression.

2009, Graduated of IPEDEC, Higher institute of Ornamental Paint