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Since 2009, Astro and Kanos
uses a new technique
to export their graffiti.

They use Cellophane to make partitions and short-lived volumes which are of use to them as support for their plastic interventions without damages. The wills and the possibilities are Multiple. CelloGraff emphasizes the possibility of acting in the city, while respecting its codes and its smooth running and to bring in particular the graffiti there where it has no reason for being. The problem of the support is for a long time in the heart of the graffiti, the walls of expression miss cruelly in the youth and the graffiti vandal do not stop deforming our streets.

CelloGraff is a consensual approach which allows his authors to express itself semi-legally in the urban, in agreement with institutions. This principle realizes a space for To create new volumes in the urban, he gives a big plastic freedom without damages and Convey then a positive image of the graffiti, too often soiled